We treat students like adults. Because they are.

We’ve been at the forefront of student living since our first property opened in 2006 in Waco, Texas. In 2018, we had built more student living developments than any other housing provider in the U.S. Over the years, our student living communities have grown to over 33 locations, and we have plans for four additional communities opening next year.

In 2017, Aspen Heights Partners acquired Grand Campus Living including property management of more than 3000 beds across the United States. Since the acquisition, Grand Campus Living was rebranded as Aspen Heights Management and provides management services to some of the nation’s most respected universities and student housing property owners and developers. For more information visit the Aspen Heights Management page.

Aspen Cottage Style

  • Auburn, AL | Completed 2012
  • Clemson, SC | Completed 2013
  • College Station, TX | Completed 2017
  • Columbia, MO | Completed 2013
  • Conway, SC | Projected 2018
  • Corpus Christi, TX | Completed 2014
  • Fort Collins, CO | Completed 2014
  • Harrisonburg, VA | Completed 2013
  • Murfreesboro, TN | Completed 2013
  • Norman, OK | Completed 2015
  • San Antonio, TX | Completed 2012
  • Starkville, MS | Completed 2014
  • Statesboro, GA | Completed 2013
  • Stillwater, OK | Completed 2013
  • Waco, TX | Completed 2007
  • Wilmington, NC | Completed 2016

Aspen Cottage Style

Aspen Heights started by building cottage-style student housing in 2006 and continues to develop this popular style of housing in markets across the United States.  These communities are characterized by their unique blend of colorful, spacious homes and our signature front porch swing.

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More about Aspen Heights Cottage Style

  • Locations easily accessible to campuses
  • Limited-access gated communities
  • On-site maintenance with same-day response times
  • Spacious clubhouse with numerous amenities
  • Large units with bed/bath party and an additional guest bath

Aspen Garden and High Rise Style

  • Albany, NY | Completed 2016
  • Ames, IA | Completed 2017
  • Austin, TX | Projected 2018
  • Charlotte, NC | Completed 2014
  • Houston, TX | Completed 2017
  • Lincoln, NE | Completed 2016
  • San Marcos, TX | Completed 2012
  • Springfield, MO | Completed 2016
  • Syracuse, NY | Completed 2017

Aspen Garden Style

Aspen Heights Partners began building Garden and High Rise Style student housing to accommodate the smaller footprint available in many markets close to campuses. Throughout our expansion, we’ve kept our focus on what our residents want out of their student living – a high level of customer service.

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More about Aspen Garden Style

  • Locations close to campuses
  • Limited-access gated communities
  • On-site maintenance with same-day response times
  • Clubhouse with comfortable and quiet study spaces
  • Spacious units

AH Management

  • 318 Commons, Rochester, MN | Bed Count 237
  • 848 Mitchell, Arlington, TX | Bed Count 687
  • Aquinas Newman Hall, Kingsville, TX | Bed Count 278
  • Avery Fresno, Fresno, CA | Bed Count 460
  • Bellarmine Newman Hall, Tampa, FL | Bed Count 208
  • Campus Edge, Slippery Rock, PA | Bed Count 251
  • Campus Walk, Chico, CA | Bed Count 174
  • College Vue, Pensacola, FL | Bed Count 408
  • Frassati Hall, Kingsville, TX | Bed Count 204
  • Park East, Springfield, MO | Bed Count 380
  • The Depot at Akron, Akron, OH | Bed Count 624

Aspen Heights Management

At Aspen Heights Management, our team has experience with varying asset types (cottage, garden, mid-rise, high-rise and mixed-use), locations (CBD, suburban). So, whether your property is a class A or class C, multi-family to student living, single-family or high-dense, we have the in-house expertise to maximize performance.

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More about Aspen Heights Management

OUR PEOPLE – Team of trusted sherpas ready to take your asset to new heights.
IN-HOUSE CREATIVE TEAM – We put the “V” in CREATIVE, cause otherwise it would be spelled wrong.
INTEGRATED BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE – Almost like having a crystal ball.
UNPARALLELED RESIDENT EXPERIENCE – A recipe sweeter than Grandma’s snickerdoodles.
ASSET MANAGEMENT & ANALYST TEAM – Miracle grow for your bottom line.