Aspen Heights deploys Real-Time Inspections across Student Portfolio in 3 Weeks

April 15, 2019  •  General



Aspen Heights Partners (AHP) manages more than 19,000 beds at 35 off-campus student housing properties across the U.S. AHP turned to HappyCo for a real-time inspection solution that could deploy quickly, spur high user adoption, enable accurate data collection, and offer instant access to critical data through reporting dashboards. Within 3 weeks, AHP had worked with the HappyCo team to successfully implement the new platform portfolio-wide. Two months later, personnel had conducted almost 5,000 inspections; and after 3 months, AHP had gathered a total of 947,000 ratings on furniture and preventative maintenance items. Later in the year, AHP conducted 9,800 move-out inspections using HappyCo, generating $22,262 in higher average damage charges per property, projected at $780,000 in increased damage charges across the portfolio. Read more.